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PRO360 Diabetic

For diabetics, diet monitoring is paramount to staying healthy, they especially when adding the stressors of fitness regimen. Adding supplements is something that can be scary when you already have a pretty good handle on your diet and you want to avoid throwing a wrench in the works, but supplementation with Pro360 Diabetic Protein Powder is actually pretty risk-free. In fact, protein supplementation can lower blood sugar a bit in the short term, so it can actually be implement as a slight regulation tool, along with a means for packing on lean muscle mass.

It is the right nutrition for managing blood sugar levels, weight loss and cholestrol. It also contains low fat and no added sugar. It is fortified with Dietary fibers, Vitamins and minerals. It is sugar free and it is also enriched with fiber and mono-saturated fatty acids. It also satisfies a diabetic sweet carving in a healthy way. It also provides extra calcium. It also helps in curing diabetic neuropathy and retinopathy. It also gives a healthy dose of methylcobalamin, natural badam, calcium DHA and it become a wholesome meal alternative for diabetic patients. With extra calcium Pro360 Diabetic Protein Powder helps to rebuild the bones and boosts their bone strength.

It is also available in Real Badam and Roasted Coffee flavors.

Badam (Almond) doesn’t require flavor or texture mashing like other sources of protein. Pro360 Protein Diabetic Powder Almond’s flavor taste is clean and its extra fine texture is smooth enough for any application.

If you are a coffee lover, and you are a diabetic person, then grab your favorite glass and the Pro360 Protein Powder Diabetic Roasted Coffee Flavor get your coffee flavor on every morning with the highly rich proteins.


  • Satisfies a diabetic’s sweet cravings in a healthy way.
  • Provides extra calcium.
  • Neutralizes blood sugar level.
  • Helps in Diabetic neuropathy & retinopathy.
  • Aids in the regeneration of brain cells.

Directions for making PRO360 Diabetic

  • Take one glass of lukewarm or cold milk (200 ml).
  • Add two or three heaped spoons of PRO360 Diabetic.
  • Drink up and effortlessly bring your sugar down.

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