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PRO360 Kids

Pro360 Protein Powder for kids is a scientific formulated product for kids, with an adequate quantity of Tri Protein, DHA, Bovine Colostrum, Pre-Biotics, Pro-Biotics, Calcium and Vitamin D3 included to provide the optimum nutritional supplement for overall growth and development of children.  Skipping breakfast adversely affects the physical growth, zest, learning capabilities, memory and academic performance.

Protein builds the muscles and tissues that help your body to make fit and healthy in the daily routine life. It also plays a critical role in eradicating infections and carrying oxygen throughout your body. Parents of picky eaters or those with athletic children who need energy for high-activity sports might create protein shakes in an effort to ensure their children get adequate protein. Most children’s regular diets already contain deficiency of protein. Relying on these shakes as meal substitutes can potentially improve your child's health by depriving them of important nutrients found in whole foods.

Pro360 Kids Protein Powder is an essential nutrient supplement instead of breakfast. It also helps to develop the bone strength, increases appetite, improves memory power, boost the immunity and helps to enhance overall physical development of kids during the growth of them in the years. It can also available in three different favorite and delicious flavors like chocolate, vanilla and banana.

Nothing can beat slurping a creamy and delicious chocolate pro 360 powder just so happens to be good for you too. It is mostly packed with protein and nutrients and the most mouth watering flavor for kids.

Pro360 Protein Powder for Kids Vanilla flavor, decadent and creamy French, it’s so hard to imagine that a healthy protein powder can taste this much good and helps to develop the best protein supplements for kids.

For a fruity and flavor filled treat look of no further. There is specially designed Pro360 Protein Powder for Kids banana flavor makes the kid feel unique and they can be enjoyed a year round, but its especially good for kids to getting love for banana.

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