Pro360 Hair Grow Protein Powder


Nourish Your Hair With The Goodness Of Health

Protein is an essential nutrient for women.

Protein is a very important constituent of hair, as the hair itself is made up of protein. Protein deficiency can result in major hair loss problems.

Protein supplement is a convenient way to increase protein intake in your diet. Having high amounts of protein on a regular basis prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.

It helps to overcome hair problems like bald patches and receding hairlines.



Best Protein Powder for Hair Growth

Pro360 Hair Grow Protein Powder is a specialized formula drink that helps to promote hair follicle growth and facilitates thicker hair growth while preventing breakage and damage to hair and scalp. It helps to darken grey hair, prevents hair loss and premature greying. helps restore the shine inherent in the hair while strengthening the roots.

PRO360 is also rich in green apple skin extracts, which are enriched with minerals like magnesium, potassium, copper, and calcium that prevents hair loss and aids in maintaining a healthy scalp. PRO360 also contains procyanidin, a natural compound that stimulates hair growth and prevents premature greying. It is available in the delicious tasty chocolate flavor.


  • Prevents hair loss
  • maintain a healthy scalp.
  • Promote hair follicle growth¬†
  • Suffering from acute alopecia and premature greying.
  • It contains PABA that helps in skin conditioning and prevents hair loss.

Directions for making PRO360 Hair

  1. Take one glass of lukewarm or cold milk (200 ml).
  2. Add two or three heaped spoons of PRO360 Hair.
  3. Add sugar if required.
  4. Drink up for healthy hair with strong roots.

Additional information

Flavour hair

Chocolate, Vanilla


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