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A key ingredient of a healthy diet and lifestyle is protein, and it is, without a doubt, one of the cornerstones of health and wellness industry.

Protein can be an alternative tool to carbohydrates. The difference is Carbohydrates can give you an immediate energy boost, which allows you to work harder protein, on the other hand takes time to be digested before it can give you energy.

If you drink a Pro360 Slim Protein Powder for few hours before you workout, it will eliminate the need to consume carbohydrates during or after your workout.

Weight loss Diets often cause you to lose muscle, which can slow down your metabolism.

This makes it easier to gain all the weight back once you go off the diet.



Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Pro360 Slim Protein Powder is formulated to reduce the fat cell size and accelerates the cell death of adipocytes. It is enriched with Soy Protein Isolate which promotes satiety and effectively stops you from overeating. It also aids in reducing excess fat and brings down the total LDL and cholesterol levels while improving insulin resistance and fat metabolism. It also contains Chromium that helps control blood lipids and lowers LDL cholesterol and helps increase HDL cholesterol. The protein that is inherently present in PRO360 will keep you active and healthy and helps you shed that excess fat with ease.


  • Reduce fat cell size.
  • It helps to suppress hunger and reduce the total lipid level.
  • Promote satiety that stops you from overeating and aids in reducing excess fat.

Directions for making PRO360 Slim

  1. Take one glass of lukewarm or cold milk (200 ml).
  2. Add two or three heaped spoons of PRO360 Slim.
  3. Add sugar if required.
  4. Drink up and shed oodles of weight with ease.

Additional information

Flavour Slim

ChocoVanilla, Strawberry


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